We welcome pull requests and contributions to make PyBDA a community driven tool for big data analytics.

You can contribute in the following ways:

  • improve the documentation,
  • add custom methods or algorithms,
  • report bugs,
  • improve general usability or speed up code,
  • write unit tests.

How to contribute

In order to make a contribution best follow these steps:

  • Create a fork of the repository on GitHub.

  • Checkout the develop branch and create your own branch using

    git checkout develop
    git checkout -b myfeature
  • Install all dependencies using pip install '.[dev]'.

  • Add your feature and submit a pull request.

Coding standards

Please format your code using yapf and flake8:

cd pybda
yapf --style ../.styles.yapf -i
tox -e lint

Furthermore, please don’t duplicate code and try to use type annotations where you find them necessary or useful.